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Generate your own electricity

You need a tractor and a generator. You already have the tractor. You can get the generator from us.

Generate power independently and efficiently

Emergency generators powered by Schneeberger

Use your tractor to generate electricity! Schneeberger generators do not need their own motor. They use your tractor’s PTO power unit. So you can generate electricity anywhere and any time you need it!

✓ less expensive than a diesel generator

✓ user-friendly

✓ extremely durable

Emergency generator

Prolonged power cuts can threaten farmers’ livelihoods. Keep your business running with an emergency power generator from Schneeberger. Even for power cuts that last for days. Less expensive than a diesel generator, user-friendly and extremely durable.

Verified quality

Schneeberger generators are tested and certified by the Testing and Certification Body of the Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture (SVLFG). This makes the Schneeberger PTO generator one of the few devices approved on the German market.

How did it come about?

It was in 1990 after a terrible storm. That's when Josef Schneeberger had the idea of an emergency power generator, which would provide electricity simply and effectively, especially for farmers. Since a tractor is part of every farmer’s basic equipment, it was obvious for him to use his PTO to generate electricity. At that time PTO generators were complicated and unsafe. So Josef set about developing his own generator that would set new standards: simpler and safer. We are now on the 2nd generation and we are still dealing with emergency power generation, passionately and intensively. With plenty of expertise, constant improvements and further development, we have made our PTO generator the number 1 in the DACH region.

Electric energy and emergency power concept for agriculture

Contemporary agriculture relies on modern technology. Ventilation in the barn, automated feeding and the automated milking parlor are classic areas of application. Farms specializing in vegetables and special crops also rely on automation for irrigation and indoor climate. These examples clearly show how important a permanent power supply is for smooth operations on farms. In the event of an interruption to the public power supply, there is a risk of impairment to animal welfare as well as economic damage. Only with an emergency power supply can the elementary facilities for ventilation, water supply and feeding be maintained.

Emergency generator: PTO and fuel aggregate

Practical solutions for emergency power supply are offered on the one hand by the stationary genset. It consists of a combination of drive engine (gasoline; diesel) and power generator. Alternatively, a power take-off generator - which can also be used on a mobile basis - is recommended. This uses the auxiliary drive of the tractor and thus does not require its own engine. PTO generators therefore require much less maintenance than, for example, a gasoline or diesel unit.

Multifunction: house, field and as emergency generator

Compared with a diesel generator, a PTO generator offers advantages in terms of purchase and maintenance. The maintenance effort is low. Needs-based equipment variants offer solutions for power supply in the home as well as in the field. When investing in a PTO generator, it is important to ensure that the tractor intended for operation has the required engine power. You can find out which generator will cover your power consumption and what tractor power is required for this with our automatic power calculator.

Made in Austria

We develop and build our devices ourselves.

We carefully check every component, every screw.

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