NSG-Serie 13 kVA – 38 kVA für Haus- und Feldbetrieb, lieferbar in 10-12 Monaten



The robust series from 13 – 38 kVA.

The NSG series top products “MADE IN AUSTRIA”.
The 2-pole/4-pole generators with a generator speed of 3000 min-1/1500 min-1 are well thought out to the last detail.-1/1500 min-1 bis ins kleinste Detail durchdacht.

Solid rubber tyres

Fully rubberized wheels guarantee perfect use even on rough terrain. Don't worry about air loss; the wheels last forever.

High-quality housing

The measuring devices and sockets are particularly well protected behind the red cover. In addition, the cooling exhaust air is used to cool the gearbox through the housing. The special airflow system allows 100% continuous load without overheating.

Illuminated measuring devices

The 96 mm x 96 mm illuminated analogue measuring devices are located behind protective glass which has also been bevelled. Perfectly visible from the tractor.

Control panel

Highest possible level of safety during commissioning. Innovative technology used sensibly:

  • Insulation monitoring
  • Voltage monitoring
  • Frequency monitoring


The NSG series' hinged handles make it easy to transport the generator even without a tractor. It is also equipped with a PTO trolley.


For field operation:

  • 2 x Schuko
  • 1 x CEE 5x16A
  • 1 x CEE 5x32A

For home operation:

  • 1 x CEE 5x63A 1h
  • or 1 x CEE 5 x 32A 1h
    (depending on type; see table in folder p. 20)

Generator and gearbox

The 2-pole, internally ventilated synchronous generator with 3000 min-1-1 has a compound transformer and carbon brushes (approx. 7000 operating hours) and is therefore extremely robust and straightforward. It is also possible to install a low-speed generator (22 kVA/ 30 VA). This 4-pole, also internally ventilated synchronous generator with 1500 min-1-1, is AVR-regulated and therefore the model for higher demands. The helical-cut gearbox has hardened gears that run in an oil bath. It is enclosed in a cast-iron housing to meet the highest quality standards.







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Schneeberger Generatoren GmbH Gundertshausen 61

5142 Eggelsberg

Tel.: +43 7748 25 43