Maintenance, service and repair

Schneeberger was founded in 1980 as a motor winding shop. We really know our way around motors: whether they’re electric, fan, pump or gear motors, old or new, small or large, and wherever they are installed.

Your motor is a matter for the boss

Regardless of whether the engine has to be rewound or only requires minor maintenance, our boss will do it personally. Defective pumps and fans are also in good hands with him.

We take care of everything ourselves!

Balancing, brackets, flanges, special shafts, internal and external cleaning, replacement of bearings or repairing bearing seats...

We also manufacture special parts such as flanges on our own machines. Everything at fixed and fair prices. We would be happy to provide you with a cost estimate.


We will be pleased to carry out exact balancing of electric armatures and rollers, spindle shafts, fans, pump rotors, drive elements, gear wheels etc. for you. Our machinery includes our own precision balancing machine (Schenk Rotec).

Workshop hotline
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